Solar Panel and Tile Installation for Bay Area Homes

bay area solar installation
Solar panel installations are going onto roofs throughout the Bay Area as homeowners watch their PG& Eelectric bills rise and they struggle with summer power outages.

With heat waves far more common, these trends will only continue. So homeowners are turning to solar energy to “get off the grid” and rely less on public power companies. As a solar power contractor of many years’ experience, we can report that interest in our solar services has risen dramatically!

We Install Solar Panels and Tiles on All Roof Types Found in the Bay Area

Our solar power installation work has covered just about every roof type, including tile roofs, shake roofs, composition roofing, and flat roofs. We have also installed solar panels on just about every age of roof.

So we can anticipate exactly how much work would be needed to install a solar power system on your roof. Older roofs, in particular, may need repair work, or strengthening to be able to support a solar system. As a solar contractor who is also a certified roofing contractor, we apply our combined expertise to give you an honest appraisal of the work that needs to be done. Then we get your roof upgrade and solar installation done properly from the start.

Work With a Bay Area Contractor Experienced in Both Roofing and Solar Systems

Give us a call to schedule a free inspection and get a quote for any roofing, gutter or solar roofing needs you have. We will work with you to match our estimate to your budget and desired timing.

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