Roofing Installations for Bay Area Homes

bay area roof replacementHRC Roofing and Solar has been working with Bay Area Homeowners for many years to install new roofs and repair aging roofs to better protect their investment.

We specialize in residential roofing and are family owned and operated. So, we take a very personal approach to our client relationships, which we know from experience leads to better projects and referrals from happy customers!

We are Licensed General and Roofing Contractors, which means we take the needs of your entire house into account when crafting roofing solutions. We understand how integrated the roof is with the entire structure, and proceed accordingly.

We only use the best materials from established roofing material manufacturers like GAF, CertainTEED and Owens Corning. We are also very much dedicated to completing each project in a timely manner to get our clients quickly back to living their regular lives under their new roof!

Finally, we know that your roof plays a significant role in improving your home’s value. A great looking roof improves curb appeal, which the neighbors really appreciate, and prospective buyers find attractive. So we work with you to carefully match the roofing materials we use to the visual look you seek for your home.

Work with a Seasoned, Respected Roofer to Repair or Install Your Bay Area Home’s Roof

Give us a call to schedule a free inspection and get a quote for any roofing, gutter or solar roofing needs you have. We will work with you to match our estimate to your budget and desired timing.

Call us to get started at 855-827-8957! Or send us a note through our contact form.